zaterdag 1 oktober 2016

Pokemon season 1

Out of nostalgia perhaps, or the GO hype which in the end I didn`t participate in, but I watched the full first season of Pokemon again.

Counting almost 90 episodes, this was later ret-conned to Indigo League, but at first this was just plain and simple Pokemon.


The story begins as Ash from Pallet Town receives his first Pokemon, and sets out into the world to become a true master trainer.
Accompanied by Pikachu, an not so run of the mill little beastie that for example refuses to go into it`s Pokeball, we follow the adventures as he teams up with Brock and Misty, and captures and trains various Pokemon on the way.

Some accompany him all the way to the tournament finals, while others leave again on the road (including a real tear jerker with the Goodbye Pikachu episode).  In the meantime, Team Rocket is trying it`s best to steal rare Pokemon, including Pikachu.


This actually wasn`t a bad cartoon all those years ago, and it still isn`t.  It has fun moments, some serious issues cleverly disguised for the little kids, and it`s "home" to the two "banned" episodes (see earlier posts I did about those during the past summer months).

You don`t watch this series of course for the great intellectual debates, but if you just want some relaxing entertainment, they are a nice inbetween show.

Rating: 6 / 10

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