dinsdag 18 oktober 2016

Thunderbird 6

The final movie of the marathon, we have the classic, and end of the series, second film of the Thunderbirds series.

Now, I always loved Thunderbirds, but this movie was responsible for the cancellation of the series in it`s totality.


Brains is approached to build a revolutionary airplane, SkyPlane One, for NWAC, and at his launch Alan, Tin-tin, Lady Penelope and Parker are present as special guests while Brains remains on Tracy island to desing a sixth Thunderbird vessel.

However, the crew has been murdered and replaced by agents of the Hood, and when the Thunderbirds discover the rouse, they set out to regain control of the vessel.  However, Brains is required on the scene and flies there with an old Tiger Moth.


Nope, this wasn`t that great a movie.  While the dolls have been updated with the newer Captain Scarlet style, the fact the hero of the movie is an old biplane that does a better job then the Thunderbird vessels themselves raises an eyebrow.

It`s also a very slow movie in my opinion, as the 90 minutes seemed to drag on forever unfortunatly, and the swansong (before the renewed series that aired last year) was a true dying breath back in the 60s for the franchise.

Rating: 4 / 10

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