vrijdag 21 oktober 2016

Classic Lego Build: 6274 Carribean Clipper

In today's classic build report, it's time for my ALL TIME favorite sailing ship of the Lego range, the little Carribean Clipper.

I had this ship since I was like 10 years old and the Pirates line came out.  My friend had the big pirate vessel, and I faced him on the dangerous oceans of the Lawn Seas with the smaller vessel.

It must be the uniforms of the troops that made me pick the soldier's sets back then, and cue 25+ years forward, this is actually the third clipper I`ve build over the ages.

The set comes with 4 crew members, one clearly being an officer.

One of the pins of the flag was broken, but it still held on sans probleme.

The first thing we do is fill in the brown prefab hull piece.

Next, the base of the large mast is build and placed in the fron prefab piece, so that we can attach the anchor to it.

The small mid-section is then equipped with connection pieces underneath.

Topside, the guiding rails for the cannons are placed.

The rudder is put together and attached as we connect all the prefab hull pieces together to get the line of the ship.

The bow is then build up using black slopes.

Next, the front part of the vessel is put together, and the small bowmast is added to it.

The cabin at the back is next on the to do list, as sides are build up and windows are inserted at the back of the ship.

The sides of the vessel then get decorated as they are build up.

The platform for the steering wheel is then prepared.

The mast gets some crossbars installed to attach the sails to afterwards.

The steering wheel and the small mast are then build and installed on the poop deck.

The rigging is added as we attach the main sails to the large mast.

And the glorious ship stands completed:

I love it.  It was a true joy and return to childhood to build this vessel once again, and she will always have a central place in my childhood memories!

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