zondag 16 oktober 2016

Classic Lego Build report: 4707 Hagrid's Hut

In today's build report, we have one of the first wave of Harry Potter sets, Hagrid's Hut.

While this set has received a few updated rereleases, this one from 2001 is "the oirginal", including yellow skinned minifigures and all.

The set counts about 300 pieces, and includes 3 minifigures in the form of Hagrid, Dumbledore and the Baby Norbert dragon.

The small cage for Norbert is also the first thing we will be building, basing it on a 4x6 plate.

This is topped with an opening set of wooden bars to put the beastie in.

The second minibuild of the set is a simple, in my opinion to short, cart that can be seen in the movies outside of Hagrid's hut.  Nothing fancy or spectacular on that little build.

We then start the work on the actual hut.  It`s based around a series of wedge pieces, whom are connected with hinges to each other.  This will allow us in the end to "close" them and get the circular form of the house.

Walls are then build up section wise, getting a couple of differentiating builds.

A book on dragons is stored in one of the sections in a hidden compartment.

The same goes for Baby Norbert, who is hidden behind the fireplace and can be revealed by turning it around.

Panels then line up on the next two sections of the hut.

The third one gets a small window, as we also put a large panel on the fourth section.  Small tables are placed in front for some inside decoration.

The other sections also get some small trinkets and pieces for filling up the wedge plates.

The door is then secured in the final section.

As we put on the green roof tiles, a large mast is placed on the fireplace section, which will serve as the pillar for the cardboard roof afterwards.

The edges of the roof are then equipped with technic connectors.

The cardboard roof is attached to this.  Now this has to be folded in on itself, not the greatest of systems, and then held in place with a rubber band.  For the purpose of safeguarding the set, I didn`t do this though.

The full set completed:

For a 2001 set, this is okay, though the latter huts where far better.  I hated the roof printed board, and it`s a misery to fold it decently, so I left it open for the sake of the pictures.  Not the best of Harry Potter sets in my opinion.

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