maandag 10 oktober 2016

Inspirational Lego # 91

Monday monday monday... so here we are again with 10 great finds on the internet.

The first one this week is a really spectacularly detailed "Space museum", including prints and decals for all the various items on exhibition.

These details really add to the general museum visit feel, including even a little gift shop et all.

The Greyfriars bus station in London is nicely represented here.  I often took busses there when I was in the UK, and it`s really cool to see it in small scale.

A small outpost for Ice Planet, including lots of gear to venture into the snow.

The Juno probe, launched in 2011 to chart Jupiter, in all it`s glory.

Part of Shiptember comes the Kilimanjaro.  I love how the engine section is made up on this vessel, it just looks `jump ready`.

Talking space, this microscale UFO abduction is to funny for words.

Nexo Knights might not really be a theme you`ll see AFOL`s moc in, but this outpost is well done!

An almost lifelike Peregrine falcon

A true classic, this rendition of Romeo and Julliet breathes medieval italy.

The final build of the week is this dark and gloomy cavern, shaped like a skull and the withered trees almost looking like claws!

And that`s it once again, see you back in 7 days for more great builds!

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