zaterdag 25 maart 2017

A new header... long overdue

This month marked the 7 year and 1 month long birthday of my little blog... and I finally gotten around to making a little change.

It has been planned for like, probably 6 years and 11 months or so though, so I`m "more or less" swift this time round.

When I started this (back then wargame related) blog, the header was that dark black ruin that had featured in my first TSA forum battlereport, and it totally blocked the actual "name" of the site on the top of the page.

I would fix that...

... some day...

... soon...

... yeah right.

But tonight, I finally made work of it.  Okay granted, the blog isn`t about my wargaming days for a long time, but has been turning to LEGO ever since I came out of my Dark Ages about 5 years ago.  While not 100% dedicated to the toy, it does take up the majority of the posts, so I thought it more then fitting to use one of my display pictures for the header.

I was doubting for a while between one of my Tolkien display builds or one of my Pirate theme moc's, but in the end I went for a Tolkien one, still my lifelong passion after all.

So here it is, long overdue, the new "topside picture" of this little corner of the internet :-)

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