donderdag 30 maart 2017

Build Report: 41092 Stephanie's Pizzeria

A small Friends set today on the menu, as we take on this 80+ part set from 2015.

Now, I actually bought this because it came with a 2+1 action in Kruidvat, but parts are parts is it not ;-)

Opening the box, we get two bags of parts and the instruction booklet.

The Stephanie minidoll (whose hair has already found it`s way into a Harry Potter moc btw) comes with a sweet torso print.

And she sports her pink helmet of course to deliver pizza's.

The first thing we build is her scooter, which is based on a large central mould.

A white carry basket is then added at the back of the vehicle, made up of corner elements.

A small and simple table is next, including a ready pizza and a nice bottle design.

Of course, some seats have to come with the table.

We are then putting together the pizzaoven, based on a tan 2x4 and some masonry bricks.

This is build up, and a rowing paddle serves as the pizza "spoon" to put it in and out of the oven.

The final thing we build is the restaurant front, starting on pink rounded plates with the phone to take your orders.

Quite an expensive pizza if you ask me though...

The top is made up with curved slopes, and the front is completed.

Of course, a few extra parts came with the set.

And the full set completed

With the hairpiece, the masonry elements, the printed "money" and the basic bricks in rather neutral colours, this was actually a good buy all things considered.

Next week, there won`t be a build report, as I`ll be on vacation, so see you again in two weeks!

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