zondag 5 maart 2017

The Haul Report # 71

Hey all to another week of nice little acquisitions to my geeky repertoire.

And the main liner this week is the new tablet, as I keep moving forward into the digital age lol.

The irony perhaps being that the box actually has LEGO advertising on it, quite funny.

Lat week at Comic Con Brussels, I also received this March Harriet figure for free, always nice and I've already changed her headgear to make her more comic correct.

A friend of mine found this little box on a garbage container, and salvaged it for me.  The set might not be complete, but who cares, it's extra bricks :-)

More Batman CMF's came my way as I traded with a friend for his daughter's collection.  i had a few Disney's and an additional Harley for him, and in exchange I could pick from his double Batman's.  I took the Mime, which I have plans for, and then three at random to trade on in the future.

You could read it earlier this week, I went to the re-opening of the local store Kablamo, where I picked up my first Funko Pop ever.  Limited Edition Harley Quinn always rocks my boat ;-)

The final thingie I got was this vinyl sticker from Bricks on the Dollar, as I admit I`m not averso to the occassional swoop either.  Got to keep the hobby running somehow after all...

Well, that's it again for this week, see you all next time with some more goodies!

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