zondag 19 maart 2017

Haul Report # 73

Hey everyone to another haul report, and this week... it`s barely about Lego.

You see, I went shopping for some local promotions, and it was also "retro day" at the local second hand shop, so my multimedia and paper collections got some boosting.

I got the second season of Black Sails for free with a BluRay of the first Game of Thrones season (that way, Chu can finally watch it as it has dutch subtitles).  The action was at Boekenvoordeel, where you could buy 1 season box of an assortment, and get the second (cheapest) one for free with it.

At the Retro sale at the Kringwinkel, I picked up a whole stack of books for half a euro each, and got myself a varied collection for future bustrips.  I can already imagine the looks as I`ll ostentively hold up the Phallic Worship book...

Through my "go to guy" for all things nano sized bricks, I obtained three more Pokemon for my growing collection, and you can expect a build report on one of them later today as well.

The final thing I got was indeed LEGO, as my order of 1x10s came in the post to get some more work done on my maxifig.  Slow and steady he is being build up some more, and I think I`ll be able to make my september deadline for him without to much stress :-)

Well, that's it for this week, see you all again in a week for more obtained goodies...

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