vrijdag 3 maart 2017

Kablamo Store Re-opening

Hey all, today I'm taking you all along for the re-opening of the Kablamo store in Mortsel, near Antwerp.

Ran by fellow BeLUG member Iban and his lovely wife, they moved the store from it's old venue to this spacier new one.

It's still located in the same stores gallery, just 4 doors down the hallway now.  And today at 13.00 hours, the festive moment was there: the grand re-opening in this new location.

The store is about a quarter bigger in surface then the old one, but the fact they don`t have to cope with a winding stairs in the middle of the shop makes it far spacier and with a lot more room to display their goods.

Kablamo is known for it's huge assortement of Funk Pops vinyl figures, ranging from the basic ones up to the special editions and large sets.

Now, that isn`t everything they stock, as they also have a great selection of other action figures.

Like this "anime" style Harley Quinn...

(Honey, if you read this, consider it a "silent hint" for my birthday btw).

Some glass cabinets adorn the store, containing some lovely statuettes and merchandise.

The service was great as always, and if you go to their Facebook page, there are vouchers for the opening weekend, which ends on sunday.  Some great deals are to be found with them, and even I bought my very first Funko Pop for myself like, ever...

Because it's Harley Quinn... and Limited Edition... and in a great black and white colourscheme!

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