maandag 20 maart 2017

Inspirational Lego # 114

Another monday, so another morning to look at some jawdropping builds I came across strolling the internet.

We start the week with the Alpharabius, a sleek and stylish spaceship.  

It uses a fantastic design to connect the canopy section with the engine compartment at the back.

Next we have an Amsterdam tram, which gives that old style feeling we had here in Antwerp as well a few decennia ago.

These ancient ruins look fantastic with all the wild growth, which camouflages it's actual size.

The Angry Birds movie and the accompanying Lego line weren't the greatest of success, but this build looks really fantastic.

Forget Conan, go read Diskworld and marvel in the adventures of Cohen the Barbarian!

A great micro build is this powerplant, which makes some nifty use of parts for the smoke from the chimneys.

The Ottawa Library of Parliament is a fantastic piece of architectural building, making nice curves and sleek lines to give it a life like look.

When strolling the seaside, you might happen to find some unfortunate souls shipwrecks.

This transforming Turtle Van is just to cool!

The final build this week is the Wasteland Marauder, which gives great contrast with the choice of the medium blue elements in it.

And that`s it for this week, I hope you picked up some ideas from them and go build!

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