vrijdag 24 maart 2017

Napoleon en de Franse Revolutie

Episode 5 of documentaries detailing historical greats, this volume is about Napoleon and his rise and fall.

The volume contains two documentaries, each about an hour in length, and while the second one chronicles his life, the first one was something I actually grabbed the DVD for... The Battle of the Nile.

This epic sea battle proved to be a serious dent in Napoleons reputation, as his fleet, and the mighty vessel L`Orient, where defeated by Nelson and his ships in a battle that threw all conventional naval warfare tactics overboard.

The second documentary follows the life of Napoleon, from a low-standing boy from Ajaccio that entered military school, to his rise of Emperor of the western world.  Going over his troubled relationship with Josephine, his exile and his eventual defeat by Wellington, it also highlights his great achievements for the French people and how he took over the government... without spilling a drop of blood.

It's a nice two part DVD, and it sheds some light on one of the greatest orrators of history.

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