donderdag 9 maart 2017

Doctor Who: The Secret Life of Monsters - Justin Richards

While the cover features Peter Capaldi, this book details a lot of "staple" monsters from the Doctor Who franchise that appeared up and to the Matt Smith years.

It`s a reference book, that details both onscreen details as behind the scenes information on some of the most iconic aliens that appeared on the show during it's long run, starting all the way with the first Doctor's Dalek`s and Cybermen.

This takes us along the beasts that debuted during the "in colour middle ages" like the Silurians and the Ice Warriors, and so to the modern day monsters like the Ood or the Weeping Angels.

Making use for the "in story" details of UNIT files, newsclippings and witness stories, we get to learn some background about the races.  The Behind the Scenes mostly detail how the costumes where made, and how many (especially in the early years) the actors had at times to get into the suits and actually see something.

It was an enjoyable read for sure, and I liked the behind parts the most, as those are things you don`t find often.

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