zondag 19 maart 2017

Build Report: 2331 Wise Hank mini blocks Caterpie

Today's build report isn't LEGO orientated, but one of the various brands of "micro" building blocks, or "nano" blocks out there.

And it's a Pokemon one, ranges I'm slowly collecting for display purposes, and because these little things are cute as hell!

I saw these on Allie Express, but instead of ordering them there, I went to my "go to guy" for all those small brick sets, namely Rob from MiniBlocks.  He could arrange them for me and as such made it far easier to order and cheaper on shipping.

The little set counts 169 pieces, and as Caterpie is already such a small Pokemon, the set also includes a pokeball build to go with it.  Perhaps my only "gripe" with this set is that it doesn't has a baseplate (the nano size 10x10's, about as big as a Lego 4x4 plate), but I'll get some somewhere eventually to base him up nicely.

We begin with 3 pieces of 2x3, the clear one will become the support of the model.  Switching the mindset from Lego instructions to the japanese style ones of two steps per "step" and needing to work from under to top, we are off and building.

The first layers are yellow and green, as they make up the belly of the little wurm type pokemon.

As we start building up the head, the small tail point is assembled as well.

Black bricks make up typical big eyes of Caterpie.

The domelike head is then closed off, and the magenta "connection" for it`s antenna is build in.

Albeit a bit fragile if handled roughly, the antenna themselves are then attached to the head and the Caterpie itself is all done.

We start work on the pokeball with 4 white corner elements to serve as it's foundation layer.

As the white underhalf of the ball is being build up, black elements are added to form the "button" of the ball.

This is then bordered with a full layer of black all around the ball, to show the split where it is supposed to be opening.

Red than makes up the top half, and the pokeball stands completed.

The full set completed:

And we had a nice pile of extra parts, which are going in my reserves box of nano pieces.

It`s a pretty cute little beastie, and the ball is a nice addition to this set.  They aren`t that expensive and look lovely on display in a living room... and no matter how big the Lego set, if you have kids on visit, they all flock to these little beasties hehehe.

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