zaterdag 11 maart 2017

Teekay-421 20th Anniversary Day

The Star Wars fanclub Teekay-421 held it`s 20th anniversary in Jeugdcentrum Bouckenborgh in Merksem.

Which is like, almost in my backyard...

So I popped by today and have a look around at the event.  The venue was one of the small and cozy "houses" the JC has at it's disposal, and was divided in three parts. 

While the workshops and games took place upstairs (including a LEGO one, Tom G's BeLUG former secretary apparently came up with the idea... but my picture went boo-boo), the downstairs level had a room for the traders.

The other room hosted the bar and hot-dog stand, and with lady luck smiling on them, it was the first spring temperature day today after three weeks of pouring rain.  So I could relax and have my beer in the sun :-) while having some chats with familiar faces from both my LUG, as from my old wargame club and "regular" convention visitors.

It was a nice and cheerful event to which a lot of people seem to have flocked, to immerse themselves in a bit of the Star Wars saga.

Congratulations on the first 20, and now onwards to the 50 mark guys and girls!

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