zondag 12 maart 2017

The Haul Report # 72

Here we are again, with a fresh haul report.

And the first thing I got was a big one, namely this AT-TE retired and sealed Star Wars set.

I grabbed it online over 40 euro under the minimum Brick Link price (and that was including shipping), so that`s quite a bargain for this big and sought after set.

During the general assembly last saturday, we all received a mixed bag of parts, and it had some nice elements and a lot of sand green in it.

It also came with two light bricks in red, so that`s a great little gift.

I did get a small investing haul as well, with 5 Krusty sets for Dimensions, under a fiver a piece.  I`ll be exchanging the minifigures in the future, and save the parts for my own builds.  Yes, I believe in the Simpsons series to be honest.

And then we get to the Brick Link arrivals.  the first was this Anakin figure, and more specific the green slopes the GF needed to complete an old set.

I also received my Bricks on the Dollar order of another Harley (well, Harleen in this case, the Arkham version of the Batman movie), and my pin.  As well as the custom figure I`d won in their Brick Roulette :-)

Well, that`s it again for this week, see you all next weekend for some more lootings done.

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