vrijdag 10 maart 2017

Gundam Thunderbolt

A 4 part ONA series that came out over the past few months, and compared to some previous series like AGE of Tri-Fighters... this defintily isn`t for kids.

Taking place during the original Mobile Suit Gundam series, this is a harsh and cruel story set during the One YearWar.

On the one hand there is Io Fleming, son of the former Side 4 governor and pilot of a Gundam mobile suit.  On the other hand, there is Daryl Lorenz, top sniper of the Zeon "Living Dead Division".  This is a force of soldiers that have suffered grave injuries and are forced to wear prostethics to make up for lost limbs and such.

In order to face up to the strong Gundam frame, Daryl is even forced to sacrifice all his limbs in order to pilot a Psycho Zaku, the first prototype of what will later become known as the Psycho frames from the regular series.  While both sides are actually quit tired of the bloodshed, it is forced so deep into them, they can`t let go the thrill of war.

The series features a hard storyline, but it is also drawn really gorgeously, not in the children anime style of some more recent series.  It has a strong musical undertone, as both combatants use music to keep more focus in battle.

A second series of 4 ONA`s, detailing the second chapter of the manga, is in production at the meantime, and scheduled to air later this year.

Rating: 6.5 / 10

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