vrijdag 31 maart 2017

Haul Report 75

Well, like I said, a bit pushed to the front because I`m away from my PC the coming week.

But since I usually take the loot from saturday to friday anyways, it`s like totally up to date.. sort off hehe.

The first thing isn`t a purchase at all, but rather a recovery.  Years ago, when I stopped with my miniature games, I gave my paint to my nephews.  Their intrest never took off though after the initial "this is something new, I want to try that", and I asked if they still happened to have them.

The answer was yes, and while the initial plan is / was to customise some torsos... I fear I`m being sucked right back into my old hobby.

Not that I`m quitting the Lego world, so put that champagne back in the fridge, but I`ll write down an opinion piece on it tonight or tomorrow.

In other news, I did receive some Lego bricklink orders today.  The first was a boo-boo on my part, I had ordered 50 flesh hands for my Confederate regiment... and forgot that what we call "fleshies" are actual "light flesh" called on BL... oh well, I`ll order some of those then, and now I got a stock of these colour of hands for I don`t know what yet...

The other order where some flesh heads for said regiment, filled out with a pile of green plates to work a bit more on the Fredericksburg plate.

Nothing spectacular really on the brick front as such, but handy elements and I HOPE that by the time I have my pc back, I can show a new WiP on the ACW build, complete with the full southern force.

Cheerios and until next time, in about 12 days!

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