maandag 6 maart 2017

Inspirational Lego # 122

A new, and rainy week has started, so to lighten the mood a little, here I am again with 10 awesome build I encountered surfing the internet.

For starters this week, let's dream about the sun and better weather as we visit... the Riviera.

This build reflects the holiday feel perfectly, and it shows a heap of tourists strolling around.

Next, we have Astrosurfer, the space band extraordinaire!

This 16x16 module is greatly done to make a home for the Peter Pan figures from the recent Disney range.

The LEGO build Ferrari SH-16 looks mighty fast... compared to her real life version last season :-(

Not every soldier's duty is highly exciting, as someone must guard the supplies as well.

A fantastic mosaic of Lady Liberty, making great use of yellow and orange hues to reflect the sunset.

Seamus, our all time favorite heroine from the Metroid videogames.

The OS17 is a small, bulbuous spaceship that makes great use of the hot air balloon parts.

Plant vs Zombies, who hasn`t been playing this little app game in it`s hypedays...

The final build this week is this awesome Sikorsky Pave Hawk chopper, including an awesome camouflage scheme build into it.

And there we have it, some small rays of sunshine on this gray and wet day.  See you all again next week for more exciting builds!

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