zaterdag 4 maart 2017

Building Middle Earth episode 3

Hello all, first saturday of the month, and so it's time to have a look at what I`ve been doing in my project to build Middle Earth.

Now, I didn`t finish anything but I did manage to get some work done on two projects in particular, namely my Frodo maxifig and the Durin's Causeway build.

I started the maxifig this month with a decision, in that I won't be building up the torso in Sand Green (bloody expensive) but will go for a more "regular" green when I get to it.
The first step I did was build the feet themselves, in Tan as that reflects best a natural skin colour that leans close the the "fleshies" of the Tolkien ranges.

Next I already did some layers of brown for the legs, whom will of course be shorter then a regular maxifig, and used brown cheeseslopes to represent the tufts of hair on the feet.

The other build I worked on a bit was the Durin's Causeway, which just eats light blueish gray masonry bricks.  I scraped together another 130 this month, and this allowed me to do some work on the pillar basically.

As well as doing a bit of the "edge" to get an idea where the rockworks will start when I get to them.

All in all, this has been some nice progress in the short month that february was.  I *hope* to do some more on the maxifig during march, ideally complete the whole leg section, and perhaps start working a bit already on the Durin rockworks.  I know april will be busy for me with not that much time to build anyways, so better to get some stuff done in the coming weeks.

Until next time!

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