maandag 20 maart 2017

Marching to Quinnsville

A build that originated from two very different origin points, my first complete Company for BoBS has been recruited and stationed in Quinnsville for the defence of the town.

While I "bought" the troops for the game a week or two ago, I finally came round to make this small build for them.

Add to that the fact that I`ll be running a Lego wargaming demostration at a wargame convention in november, where they will probably face off against Star Wars droids and other very different forces... and I had two motivating factors of putting the troops together.

Dear Lord Smaugton,

I have well received your letter concerning the growing tensions in the Cocovia region.  I understand your concerns that the neighbouring military harbour might not be swift enough to response in case someone decided to place a raid on the setttlement, and how you look towards solidifying your defences.

I have conversed with our uncle on the matter, and he agreed that our house should look at it's own defence and intrests as well apart from those for the crown, or for our trading partners.
To that end, I am underway with a full company of soldiers, who will be called the 1st Quinnsville Fusiliers from now on, under my command.  I hope to have a good glass of wine, and one of those "coffee's" you tell so much about, swiftly.

Your cousin,

Lord Emmerick Woosterbatton

2 opmerkingen:

  1. You mean "Crisis 2017" ??
    We will be happy to meet you there Face 2 face !
    Please share the preparation of your demo here :-).
    Kind regards,

    1. Indeed, as a former 20 year long member of the Tin Soldiers, I`m sort of making a come back there for the event ;-)