woensdag 8 maart 2017

Build Report: 71286 Dimensions Knight Rider

This is THE set I just NEEDED to have from the second year of Dimensions, and when it came out I came close to running to the store.

You see, I`m an 80s kid, and I grew up with Michael Knight and KITT... so this has been without any doubt the most nostalgic Dimensions franchise for me so far.

Opening the box we get two bags of parts and the small instruction booklet.

The minifigure of The Hoff is just drop dead gorgeous, and his toy tag comes imprinted with the Knight Foundation logo and KITT's moving lights.

The model itself (I didn`t bother for the secondary and tertiary builds, being a truck and a plane) of KITT begins life as a simple 2x4 plate.

The wheel bases are added to this, as is a plate to "widen" the car.

The back of the car is then first attached.

We flip the build over to make the base more on level with the wheels later on.

These are some very handy, new parts.  Small wedge plates of 2 length... I`ll take a few hundred please...

These are attached to the front together with the wheel hubs.

Red lights are added to the back as we start to round the tailend of KITT.

Trans black plates and slopes make up the windscreen of the Pontiac, as trans red plates are added to the front, which will become the iconic moving light.

All that`s left now is to close up the cover and add the wheels, and we have a nice little rendition of the iconic vehicle.

The full set completed:

The main build uses a lot of the pieces of the set, as I only was left with these extras;

Now, this is a great little set, and The Hoff has some awesome ingame interactions in game (put him on the Harry Potter train, which he`ll be calling the HOFF-warts express from then on), or even with KITT himself (like when you upgrade him to other modes).

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