vrijdag 17 maart 2017

Charge of the Irish Brigade WiP 1

It`s Saint Patty's today... and for the first time in like forever, I`ll survive it as I`m on kid-sitter duty tonight.

But that doesn`t mean I won`t fly the green flag of Erin, albeit virtually.

You see, I finally got decently started on my Fredericksburg 1862 build, which I will take along for display to the Crisis wargame show this year.  I`m going to demo Brick Wars there with my team, and as I know a lot of ACW fanatics over there (heck, I was one of those wargamers, and yes, I miss it at times) so what better way then to unify my passions with a build.  Of course, that will be one based around Maeger's 69th New York, more famously known as The Fighting 69s. 

It was one of the 4 units that made up the famous Irish Brigade, and their valour was perhaps the most prominent at Fredericksburg.  Against all sane thoughts, they charged up the open sloped grassland at Marye`s Heights where they faced off against... a Confederate Irish regiment under Cobbs.  It was a slaughter, but they never wavered.

It`s this slope that I`m building, and for which I had those Confederate torso`s printed last year.  I already completed their command, with two officers and the standard bearer.

The build will start with the small bridged stream in the treeline.  Here, the starting point of the Union troops was located as they started their run uphill.  On the other side, the stone wall (nothing to do with Jackson mind you!) is located where the Georgians where in a perfect defensive position.

Most of the grassy hill has been build, and I totally ran out of green plates.  As I`m typing this, I`m awaiting an order from BrickLink to continue work on the hillside.

I also put the sunken road at the top, as well as the stone wall, here seen with a Confederate trooper to give an indication of the height of the wall and test if the rifles would fit behind it without it becoming to high in it`s totality.  I opted for a 7 plate height in the end.

So as it stands now, the grassland is nearly done, the treeline will slowly be started, the stream and planches to cross it are in place and the wall has been made.  I hope within the next two months to complete the whole baseplate and decide where the detailing on the slope will come.  Furthermore, I`ll be starting to plant trees soon, and complete the Georgians (about 25 troops) while keep on collecting Union forces (who will number around a 100 to give an idea of the defensive position's benefit).

Until the next time!

Faugh a Ballach!

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