zondag 12 maart 2017

Nino Grande 4T2 vessel

This is a bit of a special build, as it is the very first thing I ever seriously build in the LDD program.

I won the Nino Grande in an auction organised by Eslandola, and she is being put into service right on time to participate in the next MCRA and as such hopefully can rake in the doubloons to pay back her cheap auction price...

... which will be compensated by her high licensing price though as I`m pyaing double hehehe.

The vessel measures about 60 "virtual studs" and it was a real puzzle for me to get her smoothly build, like finding out for the figures and chests a plate needed to go underneath, as you can`t "place" things decently on top of a tile in the virtual build program it seems.

I hope you like the vessel, I`m actually rather okay with how she turned out, considering she was made with someone who had "no clue" at all when starting to build it :-)

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