woensdag 15 maart 2017

Build Report: 30251 Winzar's Pack Patrol

In today's build report, we go back to the beginnings of the Legends of Chima range, as we tackle this polybag from 2013.

Now, I rather liked Chima actually, the sets had some good parts for fantasy and castle builds, and they often could be found dirt-cheap in clearance isles as the theme lost out to the one it was supposed to replace, Ninjago.

Opening the bag, we get a pile of parts and the instruction leaflet.

Winzar is a member of the Wolf tribe and is a nice little minifigure.

The build is based on a 2x6 plate, to which a jumper and a 1x2 plate is added.

The front is made up with a wedge, and to the backend a 2x4 plate is added.

On the underside, the elements are placed that will hold the gliders of the little vehicle, and this is bulked out with an inverted slope element and a horseshoe to keep it all in place and allow for some tabletop gliding.

On the top side we add the steering handle and the red lights at the back.

A bone is added in the front, as a roofpan is added at the front to resemble the wolflike nose of the tribe`s vehicles.  I don`t know if you readers noted this, but all the "first year polybag" mini vehicles actually resembled a head of their tribal animal.

The back gliders are added together with what is supposed to be the engine.

And the front gliders complete the build.

We have a few extra parts in this bag as well:

And the full model completed:

It`s a simple little thingie, nothing to spectacular but with a nice little figure.  And considering I could get it for a measly euro in discount a few years ago, you just can`t go wrong, no?

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