vrijdag 31 maart 2017

The Best of Knight Rider

Today I`ve been watching this compilation DVD of the classic series Knight Rider.

This series sees a "man who doesn`t exist" Michael Knight (played by David Hasselhoff himself) fight crime with his futuristic and bulletproof car K.I.T.T. 

Now this double dvd puts together 6 "iconic" episodes from the series, starting with the double episode pilot.  In this, our hero isn`t played by the Hoff for like the first 10 minutes, as Michael Knight is a created identity for a presumably killed cop, Michael Long.

Next we get the episode where K.I.T.T. is stolen by a computer whizz, and his cpu is installed in... a portable TV set.  The other classic episodes are the ones where K.A.R.R., the prototype of K.I.T.T., is retrieved by some common criminals; the one where Michael due to a concussion returns to being Michael Long; and finally the one where he has to face the man that ordered him killed three years ago in the pilot.

While, like so many of the 80s series, the cheese is emminent on the series, this has actually aged rather well.  Definitly compared to some other series that where "so cool" in the 80s and are now nigh unwatchable.  A bit like that terrible remake they tried for Knight Rider...

Classic stuff, and it was a fun watch in honour of my buddy Axel W's 844th birthday!

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