maandag 27 maart 2017

Inspirational Lego 115

Hey all, here we are again for the weekly dose of awesome builds I`ve found on the internet.

Now, I`m already telling you that 116 will arrive this weekend already, as the week after that I will be away from my PC.  Far away.  Having a few beers.

Let's begin the series today with an UCS build.  It's a spaceship, it's a freighter, and it ain't from Star Wars, so all you Falconista's breathe out again.

The Planet Express is the main vessel from the excellent Futurama cartoon, and it's rendered awesomely in LEGO.  Including a plate :-)

Next we have the Southern Air Temple from the Avatar franchise (the Airbender anime, not those big blue aliens).

This medieval country house sports some awesome architecture, and a variety of crops outdoors.

Who didn`t love dancing Groot, greatly recreated in BrickHeads style.

This fantastic Abernathy build from Fall Out 4 looks genuinly ramshackle like the real thing.

Something completely different is this cute build of a guinea pig.

Lego cars made in the style of classic Hot Wheels, now how cool is that with their "unpainted" fronts and all like the toys.

A bit of surrealism next with the Man on the Moon... literally.

The Octan Thunderbolt from the year 1 of Andromeda's gates, the RPG that is now closing it's first chapter, looks like it can really burn some serious rubber.

It`ll be swifter at least then this poor Fiat 500 which met an early demise...

And that`s it again for this week.  Expect the next episode probably on saturday morning already, and until then, cheerios!

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