maandag 13 maart 2017

Inspirational Lego # 113

Another monday, another selection of awesome internet finds to fire up those inspiration synapses ;-)

We start the week with this medieval fortress.

Build in the Guilds of Historica rpg on Eurobricks, Balkr fortress captures the atmosphere of northern Mitgardia perfectly.

Making use of not that many parts, this is a fantastic chopper to go into every Lego City.

LL302 Hornet is a dual seater classic space style vessel, the canopy being tackled greatly to make it look like a space version of a Hind or the likes.

The Duke, hero of many a raunchy adventure!

This Rio Grande locomotive, the EMD sd70 Ace, is a fantastically build train.

In this Harry Potter vignette, representing chapter 28 of the Half-Blood Prince, Snape's revelation is greatly depicted as he flees with Voldemort's followers from Hogwarts.

A really awesome atmosphere in this Indiana Jones build, which uses for example the runic stickers from the Mines of Moria set.

A shout out to all the heavy metal fans out there ;-)

A great rendition of an iconic Mister Bean sketch, as he drives his car in the new couch he just bought.

The final build this week is a gruesome looking Predator, including the ripped out spine of his victim...

And that`s it again for this week, see you all next monday for more great finds on the internet!

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