maandag 6 maart 2017

Symphony of Destruction

It's been a while (well, from BM-Antwerp) that I got my "engines fired up" to immerse myself into BoBS fully again, but to restart the building I went to grab one of the MCRA captures I still had drydocked and build.

The Symphony of Destruction was captured almost a year ago, and with such a lovely name, I just wanted to do something special with her... build an Organ gun onto her deck as a sort of experimental coastal defender vessel.

"Sir, we are ready for the field test"

"Good, good... let me check the coordinates, in case we don`t bombard a peasants field or something..." captain Babcull answered.  "It seems that we are indeed at the right location, prepare the Symphony!"

The Symphony.  A nickname lovingly given to an organ gun that has been build onto the deck of the captured pirate vessel Symphony of Destruction.  The idea the engineers came up with, was to use the small Armed Sloop as a mobile platform to increase the coastal defences around Quinnsville. 
With privateers and pirates growing bolder the past months, mayor Smaugton had decreed that the whole side of Cocovia that fell under his governance needed to be shored up and become an iron wall.

To captain Babcull, the whole device looked hideous, and tilted the vessel to the fore.  She wouldn`t be very swift or manoeuvrable, and setting out in high tides would be asking for disaster.  But if she would be anchored in the calmer waters of the bay, she might prove to be a hefty deterrent to anyone trying to enter the harbour unauthorised.

"Guncrew... at the ready!  Aiiiim, aaaaand UNLEASH HELL!!!!"


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