donderdag 2 maart 2017

Lucky Monday give-away winner

Well, past monday has been a lucky day for me, as I found out waking up I'd won two free LEGO prizes.

I keep participating in those kinds of contests, as they are free and don`t take a lot of effort to join, so heck, why not...

The first thing I won is a Scooby-Doo Dimensions pack.  I got this from DaveGeeksOut channel, where you had to pick your set of preference (Scooby or Portal 2), and I made the draw as he handed out 3 of each.

The second one is an addition to a Brick Link order from Bricks on the Dollar, as you can be entered in Clutch's prize roulette with every order.  The wheel came up on an additional custom minifigure, always fun and considering it's a freebie, a great little extra to my order.

It's a Star Wars pin btw he is talking about, from the SW Days in Legoland California, pretty unattainable here in Belgium...

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