woensdag 1 maart 2017

Build Report: 75127 The Ghost

This week I`m tackling one of the Star Wars microfighters, whom I only bought for the minifigure to be honest.

Star Wars isn`t really my favorite theme, but the Hera minifigure looked great and these 10 euro sets are an easy way as such to obtain her.

Opening the box we get the instructions as well as two bags of parts.

Now, Hera has a special Twi'Lek headpiece, incorporating her helmet with her tentacles, who are lovely printed with the tattoos.

The Ghost itself begins it's life on a 4x6 light blueish gray plate.

This is then build up with inverted slopes and technic bricks to bulk out the belly of the ship.

The backside is then tackled first, using white bricks and yellow curves to give it a rounded feel, before we install the engine exhausts.

The side pods of the vessel are now attached to those technic bricks from earlier.

We then move on to the nose section of the little ship, as we leave open a 2x2 area to serve as the pilot`s seat at the top of the hull.

The cockpit is one of the translucent dome pieces.

Now, the back of the vessel gets small wing pieces with other large engines.  This is then mirrored as well for the other side.

For the front, we also make some of these small wings, to create the illusion of a generally dish shaped vessel.

Adding a stud shooter on the roof, and the vessel is all done.

The full set stands completed:

And of course, we have a selection of extra parts:

This is a nice little set in a cheap price range.  It contains some lovely elements and a truly magnificent minifigure, so you won`t go far wrong grabbing one of these before they retire!

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