zondag 26 maart 2017

Haul Report # 74

Here we are with another week of gathering stuff for my crazy ideas and moc builds.

The first thing I got was an exchange for the old Elsa set with a mate, and this gave me a Star Wars First Order microfighter and the Green Lantern sets in return.

I also obtained the Lego Batman movie sticker sheeth, allowing me to tune my carry case a bit more.

A flea market find past sunday came in the form of two Star Wars sergeant polybags and this Blacktron II set which was still complete with instructions, costing me total of 11 euro for the lot.

Okay, this ain`t Lego, but an accessory for the Pirate builds.  It was a full 0.75 cents in the local thrift store, so I couldn`t pass this over.

From my mate Phil I obtained a Pippin and a Boromir for my Durin's Causeway build, and two polybags which I will be able to use in some exchanges for more Tolkien polybags in the future.

A Quirrell also arrived through Brick Link, whom is actually for the Smurf.

I traded this figure with the kid for this King George soldier he didn`t care about (he is all into Star Wars and Harry Potter you see) and whom will be a welcome addition to my troops.

The final haul part is another Brick Link arrival, with some heads and kepi`s to work on my Confederate regiment, as well as a batch of green 2x4s to add some more to the Fredericksburg build.

Well, that`s it for this week, see you all a bit sooner with the next episode as I`ll be leaving on holiday next sunday, so expect episode 75 on saturday, and 76 on the monday the week after.


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