vrijdag 31 maart 2017

Inspirational Lego 116

Two within a week, what a treat!

As I said in the previous episode, since I`ll be off for almost two weeks, I moved the episode for the coming monday a bit forward.

Now, as I still have quite a few other posts to so the coming two days, I figured it`s time to start with eye candyyyyy.

And let's start that with this fantastic rendition of the Asterix village, the famous figure from Uderzo.

The build is full of details, like the bard traditionally hanging gagged from a tree, which happened in basically every book of the series.

Next, we have this classic candlestick phone, a relic kids of this age have probably never seen, as even in my young days we had already `evolved` to the turn dial.

Next, we have this Chibi styled Bantha.  Now how cool would that have been as a microfighter?

Talking cuteness, it reaches the max level with these furry corgiballs.

On the other hand of the cute spectrum, this awesome Gundam like mech comes with a serious amount of firepower!

The venerable F640 hails from the days I started following Formula 1... so yes, I`m that old ;-)

The Golden Empress rides to battle on top of her warscorpion, a truly magnificent sight to behold

The Game of Thrones teaser has been released this week, so what better then include a blockheadz style build of Dany and her long deceased lover Kal Drogo.

For those still needing to grab a bite... bon appetit!

The final build I have for this week is the small but elegant vignette of an alien flower, love the interaction with the "bee" alien.

And that`s it for this edition, the next will be on monday the 10th as we will pick up our usual pace again, so until then, build on!

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