donderdag 14 september 2017

All ready to Dux it out!

So, that was a bit of hectic rescheduling on my paint desk...

But past monday, my box of Gripping Beast plastic Dark Age Warriors arrived, and I wanted them ready for use in the Dux Britanniarum campaign, meaning I needed to paint 22 of them in, well, 3 days.

And I managed it, mainly thanks to the Army Painter thingy, love that stuff for these figures, truly a welcome discovery.

So after the first batch of 6 Levy yesterday, I also painted up a second group of 6, again shieldless.  This is because afterwards they will be going into my Irish SAGA force as Kerns with javelins.

I also needed as second group of Warrior class models, so I painted up 6 with hand weapon and shield.

The final unit I needed to get was one of 4 missile troops.  I opted for slings instead of bows, again because afterwards they will be going into my SAGA force as more Kern.

So that leaves me with 18 models left in the box.  The first 2 will become an additional 2 warriors with hand weapons and shields, in case I roll the +2 models upgrade on the table.  And bring them on the 8 needed for a SAGA unit.

I`ll also be painting 6 with spear and shield this time, so to be able to upgrade Levy to warrior status should that occassion arise.

And finally, 8 of the remaining 10 will become 2 more groups of 4 slingers each, to "meld" together to a 12 man unit for SAGA.  No idea yet what the final two will become... oh well, actuallyIi do, because:

And Now?

Well, I was so impressed with the box, I ordered a second one, though mainly to boost my SAGA force.  This will add another 40 models, so together with the two leftovers that is going to be an additional 42 dark age warriors I can paint and distribute.  Now as SAGA works in units of 8 or 12, I got to see a bit how I`m exactly going to do it to make it all come out nicely, but otherwise I`ll have a few spare figures, no-one ever died from that xD

And my cavalry unit is also under way just to make certain all fields are covered...

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