vrijdag 22 september 2017

Dark Age Spearmen with Shield

I haven`t gotten much paintwork in the past week, as I chose to spend some very good quality time with the girlfriend, but in between I did manage to paint a small unit.

And it was with a deadline, as I varnished them this morning, and they have to be on the battlefield tonight...

A rather basic and multipurpose unit, these are 6 plastic Gripping Beast warriors, armed with a spear and protected by a shield.  They will serve in Dux as a Levy unit, until one gets upgraded to Warrior status, in which case that will be them.

And they`ll be expanded over time with two additional models for starters, to make them SAGA ready as well...

And now, let`s pack them up so they are ready to fight for glory and honour this evening!

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