woensdag 13 september 2017

Fear the Walking Dead season 1

Don`t call it a spin-off, it`s a companion series to the AMC blockbuster series.

While initially thought it would be a prequel, the series starts around the same time as the original, when the virus breaks out.

But where TWD started with the world already gone south, the first season of FTWD sees the virus take hold and the outbreak begin.  In Los Angeles, Travis, a divorced father, and his new wife witness how the first zombies appear, and how a huge riot breaks out as the government leaves the population in the dark, seemingly making the police shoot random people.

It quickly devolves from there, as more and more events start taking place, and the military moves in to make their neighbourhood one of the safe-zones for refugees.  Packed in his house with his ex-wife, his son and a family from El Salvador, they find out there is more to it as sick people, including his heroine addicted stepson, are taken away to medical camps.

They set out to find Nick at the moment the military decides to abandon the safe zones and leave the inhabitants to their fate...

The series first year settles on assembling the survivors for the series, and of course a few (and I admit, an unexpected one for me as well) don`t make the end of the season.  Travis, being an educated well-regarded school teacher, and unofficial "major" of the safe zone due to his empathy and connections in his neighbourhood, is a whole different breed then rough Rick Grimes, making the series take a whole different point of view from the original.

It was an entertaining show, and currently the third season is running, so I expect to pick it up in the average away future as I continue cycling through my backlogs.

But the next show I`ll be watching is going to be something totally different...

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