dinsdag 12 september 2017

The Empire: Hochland Handgunners expanding

The next unit, or better, part of a larger unit, has just been finished this morning, as I brought the number of Handgunners from 10 to 20.

The final 10 to bring it to the maximum will consist of the command group amongst others, but these guys are ready to lay down shot on the battlefield.

The Handgunners, combined with the Empire general`s Hold the Line command ability, have pleasantly suprised me during the two multiplayers they have been part of so far, and needless to say that is the main reason I started expanding on them.

While in the far future I want to bump all the units to their maximum eventually, for now I`m going for the solid blocks around which I would form my battleline, being the "classic" (yeah, I`m really oldschool) traditional Empire troops: the halberdier and the handgunner.

Next in line to expand the force with by december, more Militia, a cheap and versatile unit...

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