woensdag 20 september 2017

En route to becoming the Dux

Okay, just kidding, but suddenly I find myself in a bigger territory area in the TSA Dux Campaign.

Well, it`s not because of good gaming or big victories, as I`ll be going to battle for the first time in the campaign coming friday.

What happened is that one of the players that co-controlled the green area of the map, had to drop out of the campaign.  But as he had a fairly large region to protect, it couldn`t just been given to the other player, as that would make it to big a commitment, requiring almost weekly games and more.

So enter that quiet little province of Glouvia in the red area, the one without even a big town on it, aka me.  The campaignmaster asked if I would "take over" the green zones, and my province would be as such absorbed into the Powys area of my former liege Glenn.

Okay, I don`t mind, and a free Watchtower as compensation is always handy.  All I got to do now is adapt the paperwork a bit friday with the CM, and ironically slap around Glenn as that was the planned Raid of the previous green player. 

That`s going to give a nice story for the aar, no matter what the outcome...

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