maandag 11 september 2017

Emperor's Children Possessed Marines

So there we have it, the final unit for my return to the 40k battlefield the coming friday.

The 800 point list is drawn up, and the enemy has been picked to be on the receiving end of a symphony of whoopass.

Okay, maybe the final unit.  If a little figure arrives either today or tomorrow, I might push myself to get it done by friday evening and shift a little around in the army list...

But normally, my force to face off Nemesis and his Death Guard are painted and ready, and it is totally against my playing style.  I don`t know where I went astray, but for someone who loves holding back, shooting up the enemy before placing an aimed counterstrike, I find myself a bit out of the water with a lot of close combat only units. 

Over half my force, namely these Possessed, who where great fun to put together and paint, the Warp Talons and the Spawn, I got three (out of 5 infantry units) who don`t carry a single gun.  So my firebase will be only a squad of Marines and a bunch of Cultists... not very assuring.

The demonically Possessed are rather nifty though in close combat, even though they will see their Strength benefit negated against Tyfus's troops with their high toughness and ignore wounds special abilities, not to mention that whole screen of Pox Walkers I`ll have to cut through (and hopefully swift and without losses, as that would replenish their ranks) to get to the juicy troops and objectives.

But it`s going to be shiney gleamy pink versus dirty rotten green on the TSA battlefield... might the better God win!

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