zaterdag 9 september 2017

Battling Through The Ages 2017 event report

Today my wargame club, Tin Soldiers of Antwerp or as we say over here, "den TSA" hosted their opendoor event, named Battling Through The Ages.

Visitors got the chance to try out a variety of games, as well as nosing around in the BnB section for that missing piece for their game.

The whole day was marked by a nice vibe, and we got a good crowd of visitors, making it busy but not overcrowded.

Of course, some of our clubmembers where dressed for the game as well.

Well, and the competition was present as well for snapping pictures ;-)

The Games

In a wide selection of games, and in no particular order, here are the games that where on demonstration, and in most of them you could step in and roll some dice:

Patrick presented the The Walking Dead game, here putting Nemesis through his paces.

Arne ran a game of Bolt Action, including a lovely smoke effect for ruined tanks using LED lighting inside the smoke for a nice burning effect.

The Battle of Arsuf is a sort of racing game, in which players need to reach the city, while trying to delay their competition.

At it`s side stood Something Funny Happened on the Way to the Forum, the game TSA brought along to past Salute and was seen by a lot of people there.

Both where tasted and liked by the audience.

Spectre, the modern day "pulp like" game was played as well, and people could hop in and try to free the hostages.

Glenn ran a game of Dux Britanniarum, pitting Romano British against Saxons.  I played this game, and you`ll find a short battle report on that further down this post.

A 54mm game of Drums and Shako`s by Ganeesha Games was presented by "team Celtic Cross".

Arno had people sit down with him and give the Perry Miniatures TravelBattle a go.

Pierre ran a naval world war 2 game for those wishing to sail the seas (or well, the British Channel at least).

A large Team Yankee battle was being held, putting the NATO against the Warsaw Pact.

From the time of the ancient Greek era, came a large battle even featuring elephants.

A mighty big Napoleonic game was being fought out as well at one of the tables, with a truly large assortment of forces on both sides.

And Eddy was continuing work on a Carnevale suited Venetian channel district, aiding anyone who would love pointers on building and painting.

The Battle Report

So as I said, I sat down for a game of Dux, and took command of the Romano British to hold off a Saxon raid on my church.  I had at my command three units of Levy, two Warrior and one Elite, supported by some archers.

Facing me where three Warrior units, two Elites and some skirmish archers, so I would be outclassed man for man... and as such would need to pay good attention to my cards.  On the other hand, I had the Shieldwall ability, which might save me some dead guys.

Which I managed by throwing my Lord and his Elite unit into his Noble and two Warriors.  Using my cards, I managed a staggering 20 attack dice, and broke his line, causing them to run off.  In the centre, my two warriors and levy combined wall held off his double Elites, and a lucky round of combat thanks to the Step Forth card made me snag the initiative from him, and push his units back at a loss for one of the Warriors units.

In the resulting pursuits, I caught up with his lonely retreating Warrior, and this resulted in his morale dropping to 0 and netting me a +4 Victory.

The Bring and Buy

There was a lot to see and to get, and I managed to pick up a Razorback.  This will become a Chaos Predator with twin-linked Lascannon as the Chaos forces don`t have Razorbacks anymore, but I doubt I`ll get it painted for friday, so no armoured support for my forces.

A fantastic day, and great fun.  Because after all, isn`t all you need in life to relax fun and games?

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