zaterdag 23 september 2017

Vortigern`s Punitive Campaign - Dux Britanniarum AAR

My first Raid tonight in the Dux Britanniarum campaign, and as there was some player reshuffling earlier this week, I ended up facing my previous liege.

Clustfeinad, Legatus of Glouvia, had enough of the catholic faith that had been forced upon him.  After witnessing a heap of Pagan ladies dance naked around tthe may tree, he decided that paganism might be the more intresting religion in the lands, and he duly packed up his belongings and moved west.

Here he found lands that by some obscure right actually belonged to him, the provinces of Duffed and Glywysing, and he decided to move his seat there.  Wiccan rituals aplenty, which where far more enjoyable then the masses he needed to attend before.

However, his previous ruler, Vortigern, didn`t see it that way, and was spreading words of insult about Clustfeinad, how he had been bewitched and sold his soul to the devil.  And as such, a raid was launched upon the lands of his former lord...

Okay, so that was the fluff, the real reason was that I took over the lands of a player who dropped out instead as the campaign wasn`t to far in.  And that player had a raid planned against my former lord, so so be it, I would take over that fight.

When I looked at the forces for a Village raid I had to do, I knew I had at best a chance to force a draw.  Not only was my target the furthest it could be, he had hired a band of Saxons and a group of raiders as mercenaries, making it so that I would face an Elites regiment for each of my Levy, and was outnumbered an additional Warrior band as well.  Those odds are sheer impossible to scale, so my only hope was to get looting asap and hopefully escape more or less intact.

My forces moved two moves forwards, the third free move cancelled by my opponent having a watchtower.  He also send his vanguard, consisting of his Lord and elites, to try and intercept my troops.

My main force turned to face the deployment of the enemy, in order to try and hold them up in combat.

Raiders storm forward towards my line.

Soon the mighty Saxon troupe is engaged with my Warriors and Levy troops, a combat I am glad I survived for a single turn to buy more time.

My mostly Levy formed regiment moves to intercept the troops hunting my elites and Lord who are looting the village.

Even though they manage to do this, they are soon thrown back by the better classed forces, shattering my hopes of any victory and lowering my Morale to dangerous levels.

Clustfeinad and his Elites do manage to obtain a heap of gold, now I need to ransack a second house and get off the table... and pray for a miracle that my regiments, or what was left of them, would hold on just a bit longer.

Unfortunatly they don`t, and as my Morale drops to 0, my hopes are dashed and a heavy defeat is my fate.

I lost with a score of 7, resulting in Heavy casualties and making my Levy unavailable in the campaign for the coming three months.  That means I`m going to be forced to hire mercenary troops to have some sort of battle force on the table in the nearby future, and an excuse to paint up some more varied troops as well hehehe.

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  1. Nice looking game, beautiful figures and terrain, I especially like your roads...