zaterdag 2 september 2017

On the Painting Desk 10

Hello everyone to another episode of my weekly battles with the paintbrush.

And this time, I tried something different and made the whole shabang on video instead of pictures, I thought it something funny to do for a change.

Now, I really have to push the coming two weeks to get as much Slaanesh 40k units ready, as I`m going to "debut" them on the 15th of september.  To that end, the first Cultist unit must be ready, and I hope to get the sorcerer done as well for certain.

We`ve set the "bottom limit" at 500 points, my initial skirmish force counted out and planned to get painted was at 500, so I`ll see if I can push it higher.  I know my Nemesis will be playing his Dead Guard, and I can estimate what he will be bringing along fairly certain. 

I`m not painting to specifically counter him though, instead aiming at getting a bit of a mass on the table, and if needed and if I get the figures all done, I might even opt for a two detachment force, one consisting of Emperor's Children (deuh), and a small one consisting of demons to summon in if needed / able.  But that will depend a lot on how much I get done the coming week for the Children themselves, before even considering tackling the demonic part.

Let`s see where this goes then...

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