zaterdag 9 september 2017

On the Painting Desk 11

Another episode of my painting desk for this week, and while I did manage to shift some units, others are suddenly pressed to paint craze.

And all this due to the General's Handbook 2017, but more on that in a post later this week...

Taking a bit more of a look in detail, one unit I want to finish by next friday, when my Emperor's Children will debut (read: make a come back after a small decennium) against Nemesis's Death Guard, is the Possessed.  This is actually a total new unit for me, as my dislike of rushing into close combat made me avoid those guys all those years ago.
The two blokes in pre-Heresy colour scheme are for something completely different, but their varnish was still drying.

Awaiting the arrival of a Cawdor Heavy Stubber, not much work has been done on the second part of my Cultist unit, which eventually will be pushed from 10 to 20, but I plan on painting them all in one go.  I will have to start the Naga though as the deamon cohort for the "jump" from the aimed 800 points for friday to the 1000 limit will require me to field a Patrol detachment of deamonettes, and she will become a Herald to lead that group.

I haven`t gotten to painting the Word Bearer detachment for my 6mm, as the guys next to it will be more pressed to get a paint job, but as I said in the introduction, that is for a post in the near future.

So for this week, I`m probably be finishing the Possessed, as well as do some work on more Slaaneshi 40k units first, but come october I plan to put all my efforts for a while into Age of Sigmar units.

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