vrijdag 8 september 2017

Pirates of the Carribean Dead Men Tell No Tales

The fifth (and final?) instalment in the Pirates series, this episode was promising us to feature the original cast.

Which it did, in a way...

While the story starts with the son of Will Turner and Elizabeth Swann, Henri, looking for his father and swearing to break the curse that holds his dad, this results in him growing up and looking for Jack Sparrow.

Jack has hit rock bottom, being without a ship, a small crew, and planning to rob a bank in a spectacular and eventually comical manner.  Henri hooks up with him, and together with an atrologer who is proclaimed a witch for this, they set out to look for the Trident of Poseidon.  This magical artifact binds all the curses of the oceans into itself, but as Jack gives up his compass, he unknowingly releases one of his old enemies.  Captain Salazar, now a ghost, and his cursed crew have been captured for ages in a cave, but now they are free again to do what they do best: hunting pirates.

Hector Barbossa, king of the Pirates of the Carribean, teams up with Jack to overcome this menace, even though he at first helps (forcingly) Salazar.  It turns out Katarina is his daughter, and he doesn`t want any harm done to her, meaning he needs to join forces.

Now the original cast, including the Black Pearl itself, does make an appearance, even though it`s only a cameo.  Except oddly those two pirate sidekicks (the one with the wooden eye, can`t remember his name atm, and his fatter buddy) who appeared in all the previous ones.

Never the less, while not an outstanding movie, the Pirates flicks remain a good and relaxing "couch movie" for a lazy evening, and even though the hilarious laughs where perhaps a bit less, they are still entertaining gigs.

But I think the story has been told, unless they bring in Woodes Rogers to end all piracy once and for all in the Carribean area...

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