woensdag 6 september 2017

Fulgrim - Graham McNeill

Set in the universe of Warhammer 40.000, the game world created by Games Workshop, the Horus Heresy looks in depth at the story of the greatest betrayal of mankind and the coming of Chaos to the Imperium.

The fifth book in the Horus Heresy novels from the Black Library, this tells the tale of the sad fate that awaited The Phoenecian, proud Primarch of the Emperor's Children.

Starting from the ill fated expedition to wipe out the Laer, Fulgrim finds a mysterious silver sword in their central worshipping temple.  Little does he know that the sword carries the essence of a Slaaneshi demon, and the temple was a place where his powers leaked into our universe, slowly corrupting all that are present.

More and more, the once proud Legion starts looking to gain excesses.  At first through glory, but more and more through inflicting pain, both mentally and fysically, on themselves and their enemies.  When it is revealed to Fulgrim that Horus is planning to betray the Emperor by an Eldar farseer, the sword corrupts his mind and convinces him Horus is the one true future for the galaxy.  It follows their story right until the Istvaan V dropship massacre, where the legions of Horus show their hands and wipe out three loyalist legions.  Once best of friends with Ferrus Manus, Primarch of the Iron hands, Fulgrim defeats his brother and under influence of the sword kills him.

At this moment, Fulgrim realises he has been deceived all along, but him awaits far worse a faith then dead, and one that makes his story perhaps one of the most tragic of all the Primarchs of old...

A fantastic book for all those Emperor's Children players on the one hand, and Horus Heresy storyline lovers on the other hand.  Something that checks both my boxes.

But be warned, this might not be the best read for the really young GW fans out there, as this book at times goes rather graphical in it`s depiction of the debauchery and desecrations the members of the once proudest legion undertook!

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