zondag 3 september 2017

Cultists, Exalted Champion and Terminator Lord

Well, I got some solid painting hours in the past evening, and managed to complete the champion and cultists I need to get my 500 points running.

As well as already a second character for my force of Emperor's Children, in an effort to get to 750 or even 1.000 by the 15th of september.

The first and perhaps most important model is the Exalted Champion, as he was to become the model that would lead my small 500 point force.  Armed with a combi-melta (it`s strapped on his sinister backpack) and a power axe, this guy whom is rather new with the Codex Chaos would become the hingepin of my line with his special rules.  Allowing units in range to re-roll to wound, and his own ability to re-roll to hit versus characters, he is a solid lord for any force.  Especially coupled with the Emperor's Children legion trait...

The Cultists, numbering 10, are the ones I made the small conversions for.  As soon as my Heavy Stubber arrives, they will be expanded to a meatshield numbering 20 though.  I deliberatly painted them in the colours of my good old Necromunda Cawdor gang, with blue jackets, red pants and black cawls.

Especially since Necromunda is on the horizon again, and I can pressgang them as gangers if needed to be, or they remain pretty neutral in colourscheme (okay, bar the pink pads on the special troops like the leader and the flamer) to be used in my future legions as well.

The final model finished is this Chaos Lord in Terminator Armour.  A "regular" marine character from the 30k era, this made a fantastic model to be painted in the "pre-heresy" colour scheme of the force, which I`ll be mix and matching throughout the army anyways.  He will come into play as the force commander once I start playing at the 1.000 point mark...

So with 12 models done (okay granted, the Exalted just needed varnishing), that wasn`t to bad an evening at all... and a lovely little bump of getting my Power Level to 50 by the end of the year.

For the Emperor!

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