zondag 3 september 2017

The Haul Report 97

Welcome everyone to another weekly gathering of toys and stuff for my collections.

And it`s been a varied week, mostly grabbing myself some used thingies in the form of a box from the Troll Trader, on which I also did a small and shaky unboxing video earlier this week:

Now, in said box are mostly a heap of used figures to bump my Slaanesh and Order forces, things to round out units a bit more and such.

The first of those is the old, metal Cauldron of Blood, which will serve as the command for my 1000 points Daughters of Khaine force, though I stil have to look at the armylist, see later on in this post.

Also for Age of Sigmar comes this unit of 10 plastic Chaos Warriors, to form the heavy hitting backbone of the Slaaneshi force.

The 30k Ahriman model is my choice for the Chaos Sorcerer in 40k, I love the sleek lines of this model more then the spiky bits models currently in the range.

These 10 very classic Halberdiers are to expand my Altdorf colour scheme State Troop regiment, as they are easier to line up with the more dynamic basic state troop models.

Another 30k model is this loyalist Terminator captain, who I`ll be painting in the colours of the Emperor's Children to become a proud Lord of Chaos to lead my forces.

And the final set of models from the set can be used in both forces of Slaanesh, as the Deamonettes are an excellent cross-game regiment.

Something totally different to arrive this week is this classic Jazz model, my childhood favorite toy from the Transformers line.  When a buddy of mine reduced his collection, I took the opportunity to add him to mine and placed him in a nice and shiny center position amongst my toys.

I also passed by the Games Workshop this week to pick up the new White Dwarf, and a pot of Lilac paint as I thinnered to hell the previous one (how should I know it was supposed to be a lump inside, I thought it was half dried out).

The final thing I added, and why I have to look over my army lists soonish somewhere, is the new General's Handbook, in which apparently a lot of points values have been changed.  So all my prepared army lists and paint goals are probably not really valid anymore xD.

Well, that`s it for this week, quite a stack yet not the most expensive of hauls I ever did...

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