zaterdag 9 september 2017

Transformers The Last Knight

The latest of the Bay-verse Transformers movies, this is more of the known recipy of explosions, treason and barely plot.

Yet, while this movie was filetted by the critics as the worst so far, I actually enjoyed it more then the previous entry, who only had the Dinobots appearance going for it for me.

Optimus Prime was last seen leaving Earth to look for his maker, and ends up in the clutches of Quintessa over on Cybertron.  She reprograms (enspells sounds so wrong with 20ton robots) him into Nemesis Prime, who is send back to Earth, with the whole of Cybertron in it's wake, to obtain the Staff of Merlin.  This relic, ancient Transformer technology, would suck Earth (which is actually Unicron) dead to restore Cybertron to it's original glory.

Meanwhile on Earth, the Transformers are hunted and destroyed by a new anti Transformer military task force.  Though oddly enough the Autobots are blown to pieces (poor Canopy, we barely knew you), while Decepticons are put in prison... only to be released in negotiations with Megatron?

A fantastic performance by Anthony Hopkins, and his robot butler Cogman (and that awesome looking ww1 tank Transformer) teaches us that they have been amongst us ever since the days of Arthurian legend, and been hiding for centuries amidst us.  What follows is a movie with more car (and submarine!!!) chases then the average Fast and the Furious franchise entry in a race to find the mysterious staff and stop the destruction of Earth.

Now, yeah, that doesn`t sound to "intelligent", but that isn`t why you should watch a Transformer movie after all.  This one felt less "stretched" then it`s predecessor, and had some great humour in it.  Surely, the characters are flat and the Autobots (let alone the Decepticons) play a second role in the whole storyline barring the holy trinity (Optimus, Bumblebee and Megatron), but it`s just that, sheer mindless entertainment.  And on that part, this special effect godzilla scores mightily.

There will be more of them, and quite frankly, I`ll gladly watch them as well.

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