dinsdag 12 september 2017

The Walking Dead season 4

Painting marathon going on, so that means I can happily multitask and get through a heap of backlog material of television series.

And the next in my "line" was the fourth season of The Walking Dead.

Now I must admit, I`m not to big a fan of the series.  I think it`s okay, but I can`t get into the hype surrounding the series, but never the less it's alright to watch.

In this fourth season, we kick off in the Prison again, as the survivors are settling in and enjoying a period of reasonable calm.  But then a flu hits, costing the lives of quite a few of the inhibitants.  If that is not enough, by the time the disease is under the control, The Governor returns and this costs the group dearly.  Losing their home, getting split up and losing loved ones, they have to set out in the wild, all scattered, and converging on a place called Terminus.

Now this second part of the season introduces new characters to the group, but also helps in putting the focus on two or three characters every episode, as we follow every teams efforts to journey to the sanctuary.  But when they do arrive there, things quickly dwindle down...

I kind of liked this season, for the first reason the episodes that see a redeemed Governor find some peace of mind, only by circumstances and his nature resulting in him going all back to the darkness he represented.  On the other hand, it's great to learn the motivations and prior lives of the survivors, and what keeps them going, in the second part of the season.  And this includes some very, very hard choices that have to be made...

At the end of the season, I can only conclude three things:
1. Teach Rick some social skills, instead of barging in and drawing guns, some troubles might have been avoided or lessened had he talked first, threatened later.
2. In case of a zombie apocalypse, drop the children.  They really have been the catalysts of all problems this season, from the disease, to the return of the Governor, to the loss of life...
3. Rosita is damn hot.

Well, it wasn`t to shabby a season, but no Patrick, I`m not starting to paint up a zombie horde right now...

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