zaterdag 2 september 2017

TSA Clubnight 1st of september 2017

Another TSA clubnight yesterday, and this time I didn`t have a game planned for myself, but went as an observer for the new 40k rules.

My Nemesis and his Death Guard where taking on Vincent and his Space Wolves in a 751 points (don`t ask) battle, with the basic scenario.

The Dux Britanniarum campaign was also in progress, with three battles being fought out for this week.  Some suffered heavy losses, others escaped with their forces more or less intact.

The Union fought it out against the Confederates this week.

A naval fleet steams over the oceans.

The boardgame players where heavily playing a science fiction game, while the large cardboard counters game saw some more moves taking place.

It was busy in the painting corner, as both artists from TSA and AMSS where working on their models.

In the Age of Sigmar, dwarves where duking it out with a Slaaneshi demon force.

Colonial forces gather for battle.

The Heroquest campaign continued as brave adventurers entered the dungeons.

A game of Konflikt 47, the first time I personally saw this played.

Another 40k battle, putting loyalist Marines against another force of Death Guard.

A game of SAGA being played, involving lots of cavalry.

And that is the roundup for this week, a nice variation of gamesystems and era`s where present, and it was a cosy crowded affair yesterday.

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